The Teams

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The most southern real football in the UK is not for the fainthearted – it is a full contact sport and already the battle lines are being drawn. Here’s the lowdown…

The Castle Crusaders

Dan ‘The Slayer’ Rowland – Castle Crusaders: contact Dan

Hailing from the north of the Parish the ‘Castle Crusaders’ are expertly captained by Dan Rowland. Intrepid, tenacious and deeply cunning are just a few of the words that have never before been used to describe the team, this being their fourth appearance on the field of play. The thinking man’s team (as described by their captain) we do know they have invested considerable time in the organisation of food and beverage for a pre-match slap up feed. It is a brave team that takes the honour of the Castle Inn and vows to defend it.

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The Rock Inn Rollers

Adam ‘The Wood’ Ashworth –  The Rock Inn Rollers: contact Adam

Looking down from their hill-top perch in the south of the parish, the team hail from the Rock Inn at Chiddingstone Hoath and have adopted the name the Rock Inn Rollers. Scorning the opposing team as overly refined gastro-ites, the team see themselves as drinkers and roarers with the elemental force required to put the Crusaders firmly in their place. Are the Rock Inn Rollers going to have the upper hand? Adam certainly thinks so and have already started a training diet for the team largely centred around  locally brewed ‘Larkins’. They reckon they’re the favourites but will this confidence be woefully misplaced?

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