On the Day

To make the day go as smoothly as possible, there are a number of our great volunteer marshals set to be on hand to guide and advise – but here is the low down on what to expect.

Arriving and Parking

We have had a road closure for the high street approved by Sevenoaks Council. If you are driving to Chiddingstone, simply head towards the village slowly and you will need to park on the public roads and walk into  the village. There may be a good walk, so arrive in plenty of time.  The road directly between The Castle Inn and The Rock Inn is in the field of play, we do put cones out to avoid people parking, but please note that if you decide to go against our parking advice, your car may be at risk from the players.

What to Wear

Spectators: Boots and warm clothing – spectators move with the game (or head to the pubs) so make sure that you dress for the weather.

Players: Warm sports gear and good footwear – players can stop and take a rest as needed, but prepare for the long haul


If you would like to play on the day (and this is absolutely encouraged) – the marshals will direct you to a registration point where you will be able to get register and buy a players shirt for £10

Food & Drink

Both The Castle and The Rock are selling food and drink on the day so get along early to make sure you don’t miss out.

Game and Play

There are a few rules (see here) to the game – despite the name ‘football’ the ball can be picked up. Players do not have set positions (unless given a tactical role by the captain) and it is acceptable for players to stop playing and have a break from time to time. The game marshals are on hand to prevent teams going onto ‘no-go’ areas. If a shout of ‘back-off’ is given it is very important that players stop and wait until told that they can continue play – this is to prevent injury.

Please note – players play the game entirely at their own risk and recognise that this is a contact sport.

Opening & Procession

There will be an opening ceremony at 2pm where the team captains hand over their ‘scoundrels’ and a few words are said. After this spectators and players will head to the ‘turning-up’ point in a procession with music from where the game will start.


Spectators are encouraged to turn up on the day and watch for free. We hope this will be a fun, family day out. Spectators will also be able to purchase their preferred team t-shirt for the same price as the players – £10. Get these at the registration desk on the day.

After the game

The raffle will be drawn up at The Rock Inn at 6.30pm, before the after party (featuring live music & dancing) kicks off!

Please remember this is a fund raising event for good causes (see here) so marshals and volunteers will be circulating with buckets for voluntary donations and food and drink will be on sale, so please give generously!

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