The Rules


The rules in this game are quite short.

The main rules that must be followed are:

  1. Players MUST BE age 16 or over to participate
  2. No trespassing on private property and players but NOT cross any roads (the roads mark the boundary)
  3. The ball must not go into the churchyards, memorial or private gardens, allotments or building sites
  4. Players must not enter any of the no-go areas shown on the field of play map and must NOT damage any gates/stiles/hedgerows – please RESPECT the countryside
  5. Directions of Official Real Football Marshals must be obeyed at all times
  6. You must not intentionally cause harm to others
  7. The ball must not be hidden from view in bags or rucksacks
  8. The ball must not be transported in/on a moving vehicle (or 4-legged animal) of any kind, motorised or otherwise
  9. No quad bikes or motorised vehicles allowed on the field of play (without referees permission)
  10. A ball is goaled when it is tapped three times onto one of the marked Goal Barrels at either the Castle Inn or the Rock. If the goal has been moved from outside the marked circle on the road, players will be able to tap the ball three times in the marked circle which will still count as a goal. If the ball is goaled before 5pm another ball will be ‘turned-up’; if the ball is goaled after this time then the game ends
  11. The ‘turn up’ will be at 2.30pm at the mid-point between the two goals/pubs (Rabbit Rock) and the match ends at 6.30pm
  12. If any player hears the instruction ‘BACK OFF’ from a Marshall he must immediately leave the ruck or maul


Participants and spectators in the Chiddingstone Real Football Match 2020 take part in this event at their sole risk, and the Organisers of this event are not responsible for any personal accidents or injuries received or damage to any property howsoever caused.

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