Castle Crusaders 1 – Rock Inn Rollers 0

During a fantastic first game yesterday, the Rock Inn Rollers were literally pipped at the post by the Castle Crusaders.

The game started with 20 minutes of fierce scrummaging after a solid throw in from celebrity ‘turner upper’ Dermot O’Leary. Following this bruising play, the Castle Crusaders managed to wrestle the ball from the Rock Inn Rollers and make a break away. The Crusaders cunningly went to ground with the ball and after a decoy squad of blue players confused the Rock Inn reds, the Crusaders emerged from the trees to score after a tense wait at The Rock goal line.

Unfortunately, this herculean effort counted for nothing as the goal was disallowed owing to the Crusaders being caught out of bounds by officials in the run-up to the first goal.

Both teams returned to 50 acre field for a second turn-up at around 4.45pm and once again some brutal scrummaging saw a break away, this time from the Rock Inn Roller’s. This enthusiastic start was brought to a swift halt when the runner met the Haysom twins waiting for them on their way to the Castle Inn goal.

After relieving the red team of the ball the twins passed to Gez Hester who, supported by Terry (down from Ashbourne) put in a stunning two mile run to The Rock where he passed to Terry, after overcoming some red defense, Terry scored closing the game in a 1-0 win for The Castle Crusaders.

Well done to all involved for a great day and particular thanks to Martin, Dermot and Dee for being such good sports at the start.

Come and Play – Playing on the Day

To all those who have been asking and for the avoidance of doubt we are positively encouraging anyone who wants to, to come and play on the day.

This is how it works:

  1. Turn-up – give yourself plenty of time so that you can get registered
  2. Fill-in a reg form and buy your team shirt – they are £10 (you get to keep it)
  3. Listen to the briefing from your captain and pre match shenanigans
  4. Play (you can take a break during play for a swift refreshment or breather)

If you don’t want to play and just want to watch, that is fine too – there will be food and drink on sale and it should be a good entertaining day!

(Chiddingstone Real Football is non-profit and run by volunteers. All proceeds made after expenses are to good causes)