Uppies and Downies – Team names and Captains announced

The teams and team captains for both the Uppies and the Downies have been announced:

Uppies: The Castle Crusaders – team captain Simon Shallcross

Downies: The Rock Inn Rollers – team captain Jeanette Ashworth

We have it under good authority that both team captains are furiously trying to recruit team members for their 100 strong team. Team captains, we salute you…

If you are undecided which team to play for the ‘Uppies’ team draw their players mostly from people living, or with a connection to the area, NORTH of Chiddingstone, and the ‘Downies’ from SOUTH of Chiddingstone – but this is not a hard and fast rule and you are entirely free to choose which team you want to play for